A6 – A Rural Drought in a National Flood: Washington State Residents’ Assessments of Local News

URL: http://journal.community-journalism.com/a-rural-drought-in-a-national-flood-washington-state-residents-assessments-of-local-news/

Citation: Hindman, D. B. & Beam, M. A. (2014). A rural drought in a national flood: Washington state residents’ assessments of local news. Community Journalism, 3(1), 23-45.

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The ubiquity of national-level outlets creates the illusion of an abundance of news even as the number of local outlets declines. This study is a report of state and national surveys assessing local news by rural and non-rural residents of Washington state. The findings point to a lack of locally relevant content, not a lack of skills or interest among rural Washingtonians. Implications for rural Washington state citizens’ political knowledge and civic participation are discussed.

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