Journal Articles


Communication Behaviors During Presidential Elections: An Examination of Time, Events, and Battleground States. (with Jay Hmielowski, William Kelvin, Myiah Hutchens, David Silva, Rebecca Donaway, & Chance York).

Asymmetry of Partisan Media Effects? Examining the Reinforcing Process of Conservative and Liberal Media with Political Beliefs. (with Jay Hmielowski & Myiah Hutchens).

Talking Politics: The Relationship between Supportive and Opposing Interpersonal Discussion with Partisan Media Credibility and Use. (with Jay Hmielowski, Sarah Staggs, & Myiah Hutchens).

Effects of Fact-Checking Political Misinformation on Epistemic Political Efficacy. (with Chance York, JD Ponder, Zachary Humphries, Catherine Goodall, & Carrie Winters).


Reinforcing Spirals of Political Discussion and Affective Polarization. (with Myiah Hutchens & Jay Hmielowski).


300 Million Clicks and Political Engagement via Facebook in the 2016 American Presidential Election: How Online Activity Changes Across Time and Sources. (with David Silva, Myiah Hutchens, & Rebecca Donaway).

Context Collapse and Privacy Management: Diversity in Facebook Friends Increases Online News Reading and Sharing. (with Jeffrey Child, Myiah Hutchens & Jay Hmielowski).

Facebook News and (De)Polarization: Reinforcing Spirals in the 2016 US Election. (with Myiah Hutchens & Jay Hmielowski).

Democratic Digital Inequalities: Threat and Opportunity in Online Citizenship from Motivation and Ability. (with Jay Hmielowski, & Myiah Hutchens).

Skepticism as a Political Orientation Factor: A Moderated Mediation Model of Online Opinion Expression. (with Masahiro Yamamoto, Jay Hmielowski, & Myiah Hutchens).

Engaged or Disengaged? Examining the Relationship between Ambivalence and Indicators of Political Engagement. (with Jay Hmielowski, Sungsu Kim, & Myiah Hutchens).


Extending the Spiral of Silence: Partisan Media, Perceived Support, and Sharing Opinions Online. (with Meredith Wang, Jay Hmielowski, & Myiah Hutchens).

Effect of Message Format and Content on Attitude Accessibility Regarding Sexually Transmitted Infections. (with Parul Jain, Eric Hoffman, & Shan Xu).

Bridging the Partisan Divide? Exploring Ambivalence and Information Seeking Over Time in the 2012 US Presidential Election. Mass Communication & Society. (with Jay Hmielowski & Myiah Hutchens).


Clicking vs. Sharing: The Relationship Between Online News Behaviors and Political Knowledge. Computers in Human Behavior. (with Myiah Hutchens and Jay Hmielowski).

A Spiral of Skepticism? The Relationship between Citizens’ Involvement with Campaign Information to their Skepticism and Political Knowledge. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. (with Myiah Hutchens, Jay Hmielowski, and Bruce Pinkleton).

Structural Changes in Media and Attitude Polarization: Examining the Contributions of TV News Before and After the Telecommunications Act of 1996. International Journal of Public Opinion Research. (with Jay Hmielowski and Myiah Hutchens).


Rush, Rachel, and Rx: Modeling Partisan Media’s Influence on Structural Knowledge of Healthcare Policy. Mass Communication & Society. (with Myiah Hutchens and Jay Hmielowski).


A Rural Drought in a National Flood: Washington State Residents’ Assessments of Local News. Community Journalism. (with Doug Blanks Hindman).

Automating the News: How Personalized News Recommender System Design Choices Impact News Reception. Communication Research.

Personalized News Portals: Filtering Systems and Increased News Exposure. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. (with Gerald Kosicki).


Filtering 2008 Presidential Election News on YouTube by Elites and Nonelites: An Examination of the Democratizing Potential of the Internet. New Media and Society. (with Ivan Dylko, Kristen Landreville, and Nick Geidner).


The Irony of Satire: Political Ideology and the Motivation to See What You Want to See in “The Colbert Report.” The International Journal of Press and Politics. (with Heather Lamarre and Kristen Landreville).

Enhancing Web-Based Prevention Messages for Hispanics using Targeting and Tailoring. Journal of Health Communication. (with Anthony Roberto and Janice Krieger).

Book Chapters


Social Media, News Platforms, and Partisan Exposure: Voters’ Media Preferences During the 2016 Presidential Campaign Season. (with Paul Haridakis, Myiah Hutchens, & Jay Hmielowski).



Local News Consumption. In L. Pintak (Ed.), The Murrow Rural Information Initiative: Access, Digital Citizenship, and the Obligations of the Washington State Information Sector. (Report). (with Doug Blanks Hindman)